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Dana Sion MD, L.Ac

I was introduced to acupuncture more than 20 years ago while completing my medical degree in Bucharest, at one of Romania's top medical schools. It was at that time that I witnessed how effective acupuncture was for many conditions that conventional medicine could not effectively treat.

After finishing medical school I received a scholarship to study in China. In Nanjing I studied Chinese for 1 year and then I studied acupuncture at Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

I moved to US to finish my education with the the study of Chinese herbs. In 2004 I completed the Master's degree in Oriental Medicine at the Emperor's College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in Santa Monica, California.

At Emperor's I worked as a herbal pharmacist in the school clinic and I taught biology and physics. I am currently a clinic supervisor.

The style I practice is Classical Chinese Medicine as taught by Jeffrey Yuen whom I have been following since 2003.

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